Dog sledding has become even more popular than ever before. The popular dog sled race, Finnmarksløpet, has attracted many dog lovers to the Northern Lights city of Alta. This race runs for 1,000 kilometres, from Alta in the west to Kirkenes in the east and back again. It is the longest dog sled race in Europe, with the rough Finnmark landscape providing both two-legged and four-legged participants with an experience they will never forget. This race has been described as being the most beautiful winter adventure.

Dog sledding for everyone

There are plenty of other excellent alternatives for anyone who is not interested in embarking on the tough 1,000 km journey. The Northern Lights city of Alta has an active dog sledding community and excellent providers of sledding excursions which are suitable for all members of the family and all levels of skill.

Snowmobile safari

Snowmobile safaris are another popular winter activity. Snowmobiles can provide you with a very different type of experience of the natural environment. Professional, experienced guides will ensure your safety and comfort throughout your trip.

Experience of a lifetime

The weather on the Finnmark Mountain Plateau can range from just above zero to extremely low temperatures. We are unable to guarantee windless days and clear skies, but no matter what the weather is doing, the plateau landscape is highly impressive and stunningly beautiful. If you take a trip during the evening you might be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. We can promise you an experience of a lifetime!

The shortest trips last for a couple of hours, while the longest safaris take several days and include overnight accommodation at the Igloo Hotel, in a mountain cabin, in a Sami tent or at a hotel.

Beautiful sites

Anyone wishing to experience the landscape at a calmer pace while still remaining active could either try skiing or showshoe hikes, or try their luck ice fishing. Experienced, local guides will take you on excursions into the woods to visit beautiful sites or well-known fishing lakes. All guests will receive prior training and our guides will be happy to tell stories around the bonfire and provide facts about the landscape and culture of the north. Experience the genuine love that Norwegians have for nature!